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Kuiper Holland – Arnoud Slaghuis

Arnoud Slaghuis

Sales & Export Manager

Kuiper Holland – Bennie Wessels

Bennie Wessels

Veneer department

Kuiper Holland – Dennis Pol

Dennis Pol

Operator Sanding / Hotmelt press

Kuiper Holland – Eddie Steggink

Eddie Steggink

Operator Sanding machine

Kuiper Holland – Frank Lenferink

Frank Lenferink

Veneer department

Kuiper Holland – Hans Golbach

Hans Golbach

Managing Director

Kuiper Holland – Harno Nijland

Harno Nijland

Operator Sawing machine

Kuiper Holland – Jarno Oude Nijhuis

Jarno Oude Nijhuis

Veneer department

Kuiper Holland – Jos Weerink

Jos Weerink

Operator Hotmelt pers

Joseph Nduwimana

Veneer department

Kuiper Holland – Leon Oude Luttikhuis

Leon Oude Luttikhuis


Steff Hasenbos

Veneer department

Kuiper Holland – Liberta Hof

Liberta Asuni


Yuusuf Mahamed


Kuiper Holland – Rene van der Laan

Rene van der Laan

Purchase & Production Manager

Kuiper Holland – Marcel Kuipers

Marcel Kuipers


Kuiper Holland – Richard Weerink

Richard Weerink

Operator HPL press

Kuiper Holland – Maarten Kroeskamp

Maarten Kroeskamp


Kuiper Holland – Stefan Holslag

Stefan Holslag

Head of production

Kuiper Holland – Stefan Kamphuis

Stefan Kamphuis

Operator Veneer press

Daniël Wagelaar

Operator Hotmelt Press

Kuiper Holland – Thijs Haarhuis

Thijs Haarhuis

Sales & Marketing Manager

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We gladly invite you to visit our company in Tubbergen (NL) to show our production facility and product range we are able to manufacture.

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More than 65 years of experience in manufacturing high quality sandwich panels, veneered panels and HPL panels. As a committed partner, we like to get involved with the projects of our customers at an early stage, working closely together to reach optimal results.

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