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Poplar Ply FR – Firepro

Garnica plywood modified by an innovative treatment that renders the entire panel exceptionally fire resistant, certified by the most demanding tests even after sanding or machining.

glue type: interior / Class 1
B-s1-d0 certified fire resistant poplar plywood
Density: 460 – 520 kg/m3

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Specifications for Poplar ply FR – Firepro

Protect Poplar ply FR – Firepro

Product discription Thickness / mm Dimensions Weight / m2
Poplar ply FR - Firepro 9 mm 250 x 122 cm 4,15 - 4, 69 kg / m2
Poplar ply FR - Firepro 12 mm 250 x 122 cm 5,52 - 6,24 kg / m2
Poplar ply FR - Firepro 15 mm 250 x 122 cm 6,90 - 7,80 kg / m2
Poplar ply FR - Firepro 18 mm 250 x 122 cm 8,28 - 9,36 kg / m2


Guarantees and options

Guaranteed final thickness
At Kuiper Holland we understand the extreme importance of precision in yacht building. Our Protect panels will be delivered in the exact final thickness you specify.

Unlimited customization
The Protect range as listed in this brochure can be expanded at will by choosing from a large number of customization options including: half-lap joints, priming or finish lacquering, cut-to-size, additional HPL or veneer layers custom made sandwich panel.

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